Holidays Travel.

RapidShuttle’s team members wish all our guests a safe and pleasant travel during the holidays. Below you have some suggestions to assist you with your upcoming holidays travel:

At Home:
1- Make your transportation arrangements at least 15 days before travel;
2 – Be sure that you have your travel documents, such as I.D.’s, Passports, Itineraries, Confirmation Emails put together inside of your Carry-On/Cabin Bag by the door near to your luggage;
3 – Be packed and ready to travel at least 12 hours before the travel date;
4 – Get acquainted with TSA Rules and Regulations;
5 – Dring enough water, and have a restful evening before your travel day.
6 – Make sure that RapidShuttle’s driver loads all your luggage.

At Airport:
1 – Plan to arrive early:
1.a – For Domestic Flights; plan to arrive at least 2 hours before
Boarding Time;
1.b – For International Flights; plan to arrive at least 3 hours before
Boarding Time.
2 – Be sure that all your luggage is accounted for when off boarding your RapidShuttle vehicle:
2.a – Make sure that are not left items inside of the Inside of the vehicle, such as Carry-Ons/Cabin bags, Wallets, Documents, and so on.
3 – Have you Travel Documents ready;
5- And most of all remember:

Half of the fun of traveling is to get there.

Be safe, stress-free, and enjoy your holidays.

Sincere regards,
Paulo P.
Guest Services Manager.