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Famous for being one of the oldest cities in the country, Charleston is a known for its cobblestone streets and easy-going lifestyle. Charleston is known as “The Holy City” because of so many churches located there, making up a good part of the city’s skyline.

Charleston International Airport (CHS) is a joint civil-military airport located in North Charleston, South Carolina, operated by the Charleston County Aviation Authority under a joint-use agreement with Joint Base Charleston. The airport is located in North Charleston and is approximately 12 miles (19 km) northwest of downtown Charleston.

Sr.No Features of CHS Airport
1 CHS airport is South Carolina’s largest and busiest airport. 2017 was its busiest year on record when the airport served just fewer than 4 million passengers.
2 The airport consists of four general areas: the military area to the west, the airline terminal to the south, the general aviation area to the east, and the Boeing assembly area further to the south.
3 Charleston International Airport is classified as a security-level Category I airport by the TSA. The airport is equipped to handle international flights.
4 Both departures and arrivals are located on the same floor, with the departure area to the east end of the terminal and the arrival area to the west end. Flights depart from two concourses: Concourse A towards the east and Concourse B towards the west.

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Voted “America’s Nicest City” multiple years, Charleston is the perfect destination to experience the charm of the South, including beautifully well-maintained architecture, coastal views of the Atlantic and renowned dining.

But before hitting the streets of Charleston, your experience starts at the Charleston International Airport where nearly 3 million travelers pass through annually. More than 3 million passengers traveling through CHS airport, it is inevitable to witness a huge rush at the airport.

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Being picked up by RapidShuttle 24/7 is quite easy at CHS airport. You will have to just follow the following instructions:

  • Follow the signs to the baggage claim and collect your luggage.
  • All ground transportation is located in the center median outside baggage claim.
  • Please contact our CHS Airport dispatch at +1 (888) 672-7438 and select option 2 or +1 (949) 667-2743 for further assistance.
  • The CHS Airport dispatch will direct you to your RapidShuttle vehicle.
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( Image source: https://www.iflychs.com/Travel-Information/Maps/Terminal-Map )



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