The Netherlands AMS Airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), known informally as Schiphol is the main international airport of the Netherlands. It is one of the four main European airports. Being in close proximity to the Port of Amsterdam and the Port of Rotterdam, it is supported by a wide transport network of rail and road, making it a true European gateway.

It is located 9 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam, in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, North Holland.

Sr.No Features of AMS Airport
1 AMS airport is built as a single-terminal concept: one large terminal split into three large departure halls.
2 In terms of passengers, it is the third busiest airport in Europe.
3 AMS airport installs 100 Fast Chargers that will support a new fleet of electric buses for the facility.
4 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol provides 323 flight connections to airports in 98 countries by more than 100 different airlines from all over the world.
5 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the third largest European airport in terms of cargo (1.5 million tonnes of cargo in 2013).

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Amsterdam is the cultural and business capital of the Netherlands and the top commercial city in Europe. Adorned with a rich history and scenic views, Amsterdam is a popular vacation spot for travelers. It attracts more than 5 million international tourists annually.

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Terminal map AMS

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1) How long before my flight do I have to arrive at AMS Airport?
Although the recommended times vary for each flight, therefore it is advisable to check your airline’s website for current advice. Generally, you can account for a check-in time of 2 hours in advance for European flights and 3 hours in advance for intercontinental flights.
2) What should your hand baggage contain?

The liquid can be brought only in containers with a maximum capacity of 100-ml only. At central security, liquids and electronics are to be placed in a separate container so that it becomes easy for staff to check quickly and make you pass through security in no-time. Items that you buy after security are allowed onto the aircraft in any case. Scissors, nail files and other sharp objects may only be taken on board in your check-in baggage.

For more details, please check baggage regulations here.

3) How do I go through security as fast as possible?

The most important tips to go through security as smoothly as possible are:

  • Empty your pockets;
  • Keep your passport and boarding pass tucked in your pocket or bag;
  • Keep liquids in a transparent 1-liter bag at hand;
  • Take tablets and laptops out of your hand baggage;
  • Follow the instructions of the security staff carefully.



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